Magnatek was originally founded in 1984 by Lars Peter Magnussen. Up to the early 1990’th the company focused on μ-processor based electronics for special applications.

Photo from Kong Georgsvej, Copenhagen year 1984
Photo from facilities on Thoravej, Copenhagen, year 2002

In 1991 Kim Demandt, who held a significant experience and expertise in industrial X-ray, bought half of the company and the company’s focus changed to X-ray equipment. The company moved to Thoravej in Copenhagen in 2002, where the facilities covered 300 m².

In 2012 Magnatek made a generational succession, where Henrik Ibsen took over the company.

Photo from Thoravej, Copenhagen in year 2012 with Lars Magnussen (left), Henrik Ibsen (middle) and Kim Demandt (right)
Photo from facilities on Bjoedstrupvej

In year 2013 the company moved to Hoejbjerg near Aarhus. Here the company has expanded the facilities to cover more than 1000 m²