Integrated X-ray sources

The x-ray source consists of the x-ray tube, HT generation and the control all integrated into one complete unit. X-ray sources can be used for a vast variety of applications and purposes. It is especially helpful, when a small footprint, easy integration and cost efficiency is required in one single solution.

Our integrated x-ray sources are very versatile and can be adapted into every solution. One of the most important parameters in the integrated x-ray source is the x-ray tube. In a well-designed x-ray source, there needs to be a balance between focal spot, power, cost and tube stability in order to create the best possible result. At Magnatek, we have many years of experience with integrated x-ray sources and, in particular, x-ray tubes.

We also have a vast knowledge of available x-ray tubes in the market and the kind of x-ray tubes or x-ray sources best suited for any given application or purpose. We can therefore provide the best possible x-ray solution for your needs.

If you have any questions about of our x-ray tubes og x-ray sources, please don’t hesitate to contact us.